Business Hours: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

CN 26222

Age: 53
Nationality: Philippines
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KHDA Training Certified in


Child Care At Home


Basic Housekeeping 3


Basic Info:

Candidate ID No.: CN26222
Designation: Cook - Housekeeper
Age: 53
Availability: Available

Education & Experience:

Highest Qualifications: College Level
Further Education:
Employment History: Cook - Housekeeper
Years of Working Experience: 16 years

Skills & Knowledge:

Skill Set: Knowledgeable of Indian Cuisines
Good all Round Maid
Spoken Languages: English

Interviewers Notes & Comments:


KHDA Certified In Child-Care at Home

Working Experiences: 16 years in UAE

  • 12 years: UAE - She worked as a supervisor/housekeeper mainly in serving food and organizing the kitchen for A VVIP Indian family.
  • 2 years: UAE - She have worked as a nanny housekeeper to a local family with 2 adults & 4 children.
  • 2 years: Qatar - She was a nanny housekeeper to a Lebanese family with 2 children (3 & 10 months old)

She is reliable and good communicator with wide range of experience and skilled in various household tasks. Her respectful nature fosters a positive and harmonious environment, making everyone feel valued and comfortable. 

She is also comfortable in taking care of a special child. 

Confident in handling children, especially infants.

Can handle all housekeeping chores independently.

Can cook some Indian dishes.

Comfortable handling cats & dogs.

A mother of twins. (22)

CEFR Levels in English

A2 = Pre-Intermediate

  • Can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters.