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Philippines or Ethiopia

Family Sponsorship

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The most effective, efficient and economical route to recruit-hire-employ
Maid and Nannies direct from Philippines or Ethiopia under private sponsorship

Traditional Recruitment Versus DIY

Traditional Recruitment
Housekeeping Co

Source Country

Families“Recruiting” Via

Social Media
Aggregator sites

Maids + Nannies
Ethically Sourced and Recruited tick cross
Professionally Evaluated in Skills -Experience +Education tick cross
Background Vetting tick cross
NO Fees to Candidates tick cross
Medical Fitness pre departure tick cross
Training in Paedriatric First Aid tick cross
Guidance in Cultural Awareness tick cross
Insured + Guranteed
Refund Gurantee Against tick cross
1. Refusal to Work tick cross
2. Absconding tick cross
3. Medically Unfit tick cross
Other Benefits
Family Welfare Officers tick cross
30 Day Settling In Program tick cross
Guidance in Cultural Awareness tick cross
Conflict Resolution tick cross
Savings AED AED
Salary 1,500 3,500*
R&D + Sponsorship 1,340 740**
Total Monthly 2,840 4,240
Monthly Saving tick 1,400
Annual Saving      tick 16,800***

*3500 is the average monthly salary paid by families who onboard a Philippina “Nanny” recruited via social media platforms, aggregator sites, and or “referrals” - A high percentage of families lose their sponsorship fees with in the 1st year.

** 740 is the monthly private sponsorship cost /12 months (AED 8,866)

*** Total annual saving AED 16,800 (1,400 x12)

Case Study

Philippine domestic workers have higher retention rate with families if they have been recruited properly.

Ethically sourced candidates, who are recruited direct from source country and placed under private sponsorship complete 2 years contract in 98% of all cases


Ethiopians tend to be retained with the families the longest (98.5%) throughout a 2 year placement

-Research Data supplied by Fairhire Solutions


Recruitment is defined as the traditional package, and as such families do not interview the candidates before they arrive. Professional recruitment is managed by Housekeeping Co to ensure families are matched with candidates suited to their job roles and responsibilities.

All our domestic workers are sourced and selected based on:
Minimum 2 years working experience
Education + Experience.
Language skills.

We specialise in the recruitment and deployment of domestic workers , and have become the UAE's largest residential training centre for domestic and household workers.
Our Recruitment and Deployment package supports families in the settling in period, and a dedicated welfare officer is on hand to assist, guide and handle conflict resolution should it arise.

Housekeeping Co works alongside all sending source country governments and facilitates all private sponsorship contracts attested and verified by their labour offices and overseas employment offices.

All Governments are keen to have high levels of transparency on the welfare of all domestic workers and need private sponsors to recruit ethically and with accountability.

In May 2021 The Philippine-UAE governments signed a historic memorandum lifting the ban on migration for domestic workers after 8 years.


Housekeeping Co direct recruitment offers protection for both candidate and private sponsor and is the most efficient and cost-effective route.

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